First of all I can assure you that your not alone in this eBay account suspension mess and yes I know it is not your fault.

I have been exactly where you are right this very second, sitting in front of your computer left to feel like your world just came crashing down around you with your stomach literally tied up in knots asking yourself...

If your anything like me you've made your income as a sucessful seller on eBay and have been suspended or banned for absolutely no reason or fault of your own.

While I know this may be tough to hear but the facts are that eBay has treated you like a piece of trash, and they couldn't care less about you or reinstating your account.

As part of eBay's automated suspension machine they have sent an email to everyone that has either bid on or bought an item from you basically telling them that you have been suspended for any number of undisclosed security concerns and or reasons.

The bottom line is eBay has made you out to be a no good thief and I am willing to bet anytime now the negative feedback and paypal disputes are going to be rolling in absolutely killing any credibility you had within the eBay community.

Even if eBay for some very remote reason does happen to reinstate your account weeks down the road after countless emails, faxes or mailing in copies of your identification and personal financial data let me assure you that your old ebay account it is now completely and utterly worthless, chalk full of negative feedback that eBay will not remove.

and just as a little side note, the actual reason eBay demands that you send them all of your person information in a feable attempt to have your account reinstated is so they are able to run a credit check on you and if any sellers fees, chargebacks, etc come to light they will sell off the debt to a collections agency. This collections agency will not only hound you for the amount eBay claims you owe but damage your credit rating which will be a start to a much larger problem for today and tomorrow.

" The Unfortunate fact is today
eBay is the judge, jury and executioner... "

The only problem with that is you have absolutely no way of defending yourself, no one is going to listen to a word you say and if you speak out in any way against eBay they will without question ban you from entire eBay system for life with a very vague and extremely broad violation know as "section 9 abusing ebay"

Which basically translates into we can suspend your account for any reason at any time.

To me it's the equivalent of the police arresting someone for nothing more than the suspicion of being suspicious and handing them over a life sentence with no further explanation or appeal process.

But here is the beauty of the entire gut wrenching experience; you have just become one of an estimated 2000 other victims eBay has unfairly suspended today, but don't worry scamming Nigerian joe is doing just fine on eBay, scamming one innocent customer of yours after another on their dial up connected computer (that was more than likely donated by the United States) sitting in some dirt floor grass hut.

"Thanks eBay, good looking out ...."

So by now I hope you understand your suspended eBay account is worthless and not worth the effort of trying to get back. But now you have another real problem, you need a new seller account.

You need to start making money again right away.

But your personal account information and I mean all of it has been flagged and will never be able to be used on eBay or Paypal again.

If you read the eBay suspension notice you would of seen that eBay has so politely informed you that you are prohibited from using eBay in any way which includes opening or attempting to open a new ebay account...

Now I' am sure we can finish with the lecture on how eBay has treated both

I am willing to bet that I don't need to waste any more time explaining to you what it feels like to have eBay without reason pull the plug on you, make you look like a criminal and kick you to the curb without even a second thought and yes I know how much you have paid them in sellers fee's, when I was first suspended my fee's averaged $4000 USD per month between both eBay and Paypal, I think I was even still using Billpoint back then.

"So what's this all about and what makes this information better than any of the other so called get back on ebay or ebay suspension solution guides floating out there on the net ??? "

The answer to that is pretty simple; I live what I preach everyday. Currently I run just over two dozen eBay selling accounts and I am doing far better than when i was first suspended by eBay way back in 2003.

My entire livelihood is from my eBay business, it is how I support my family so I take it very very seriously, I don't have another job to fall back on.

Now as much as I resent eBay for doing so little to protect sellers while always raising the fee's that they charge us the simple fact is no other website on the entire internet has the number of buyers that eBay does.

Its that simple if you aren't selling on eBay your missing out on an absolutely massive amount of money every single day and that's all there is to it.

Anyway's if you have read this far into the information I can only assume that you are dead serious about getting your eBay business back in full swing pronto... So lets get to the meat of it shall we......

Create an unlimited number of anonymous eBay and Paypal accounts without using a single piece of your own personally identifiable information that will be immune from an ebay suspension wreaking havoc on your life ever again. Whether you set up 1 account or 100 in completely up to you.
Have you back selling on eBay right away with a safe, secure and legitimate account that cruises right under ebay's radar while building up a solid positive feedback structure from day one.
Teach you how to avoid eBay's advanced tracking system and its network of spy websites that report your true identity and guarantees future ebay suspensions.
You don't Need advanced technical computer experience to make this work, we spell it out clearly and concisely without all the hype and mumbo jumbo, if you can read and follow simple instructions then we can get you back selling on eBay successfully today.
How to earn a 5 figure income a month selling on eBay harnessing the power and leverage of using multiple selling accounts.

The Best Anonymous Credit Cards - How to obtain the safest credit cards with any name, address and phone number in a matter of seconds

Easy US Based Bank Accounts - We show you how to set up legit, secure and verifiable bank accounts without every leaving your chair.

Negative Feedback Removal - Force eBay into removing bogus negative feedback that has been unfairly left against you

Stay Under eBay's radar - We show you the steps to avoid any future eBay problems and have your new accounts run as smooth as silk 365, while building work wealth up day after day.

Must Have Tools To Destroy your ebay competition and steal away their customers by simply out marketing them day in day out.

It is important to state that nothing we show you is illegal in anyway what so ever, you are not breaking any laws, you are not stealing or using anyone else information without their knowledge or any of that other nonsense that you may have seen floating around the net.

Our Information is absolutely up to date and accurate and will work for anyone anywhere in the world that needs to sell on ebay.

I myself have created this program through literally hundreds of hours of agonizing trial and error. This is not some cookie cutter little e-book where you get told to the same old nonsense that gets you no where but suspended again with more time and money lost.

Our Information and Only Our Information guarantee's you results today

Thank you so much, I was suspended by eBay 3 days ago and I still have no idea why. eBay's trust and safety department has not even bothered to return my email yet, all i get is a automated response that my email will be answered in 7-10 days WTF !!!!! I have had three negative feedbacks left for no reason and paypal is telling me people have complained that I have not delivered the products when I have already shipped them !!!!

You explained everything to me and even popped onto skype to help me out step by step. it has only been a week since I bought your guide and I have 3 new ebay selling accounts and each have now got the 18 positive feedback points that you recommend.

Thank you so much I couldn't imagine just sitting and waiting for eBay to get back to me which they still haven't I might add !!! - I categorically recommend this to anyone that has been screwed by eBay without proper reason and needs to get back to selling ASAP... Thanks a million Mark

Nigel, United Kingdom

I had no idea how sneaky and sophisticated ebay has become no wonder I kept on getting suspended. I have bought all the other so called eBay suspension guides out there over the last few weeks and let me say what an absolute waste of time and money !!!!

To be totally frank with you I just assumed yours would be the same crap I mean what did I really expect for $39.97 .... I am sorry for doubting you,

Right on the first page you explained why you priced this information so cheaply, but honestly I never expected to get so much. I can say this is better than all those other $47, $34 and $20 dollar e-books out their combined, thank you so much for getting me back on my feet so fast, I have recommended you to my entire women on ebay website.
God Bless

Samantha, Florida, USA

If you have been suspended you need this information right now, its that simple. Mark I have to be honest with you I thought this all seemed a little to good to be true but boy was I wrong.

I have all five of my accounts up and running and they have selling day in day out for over 2 months now without even a peep from eBay. Thank you so much for helping me get back selling on eBay, I couldn't of done it without you.

Robert, Toronto, Canada

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